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Apparent's Energy REViewTM, Data Reporting and Analysis

is a powerful, on-line, performance monitoring system for Renewable Energy Systems. Monitoring your real-time and historical data gives you the knowledge needed to run your system at its highest efficiency with minimal down-time, which, in the long run, maximizes your investment dollars.

What if you could see how much money your renewable energy systems are generating right now?

What if you could inspect real-time and historical energy production at any of your renewable facilities?

What if, at the push of a button, you could generate full, detailed reports documenting the performance of your systems?

All this, you can do with Apparent's energy monitoring system.

Technical Details:
Apparent's devices push data to the database every minute, where it is stored for review. Apparent's Energy REView browser application works automatically, without needing to download any software, on any computer system that has a standard web browser and an internet connection.

  • The solar site "owner" specifies 'users', who may view the data at owner selected sites, so some users can be given complete viewing privileges while others are limited to specific sites.
  • You can build customized "reports" that pull together various metrics for each individual site. Include details like voltages, currents, real and reactive power production, total energy, and power factor.
  • You can view data by day, week, month or year in raw and normalized form, so that you can compare each solar panel against all the others for efficiency studies.
  • Energy REView comes with automatic email warning in the event that solar panels go off-line or drop their performance unexpectedly.